■ About Tab Vintage

The inspiration behind Tab Vintage stemmed from founder Alexis Novak’s own search to find one space for curated, consistently cool, unique vintage pieces of the utmost quality. Established in 2019, Tab Vintage houses a collection of Archival Vintage pieces from the world’s top designers. Each Tab Vintage piece is timeless — ethically sourced based on its quality and contemporary relevance.

Sustainability and circular economy is at the core of the Tab Vintage ethos. While vintage shopping is inherently eco-conscious, Tab Vintage goes a step further. We work with a team of the best tailors, couture cleaners, and expert appraisers — specializing in the restoration of vintage pieces. We meticulously inspect, repair, and deep clean each piece to ensure they are in the best condition possible for their next owner. Each piece is hand-selected from sellers around the world. 

Tab Vintage takes pride in restoring important and beautiful pieces, with the goal of giving a second life to garments that may have otherwise sat dormant or discarded away. With some tender loving care and patience, most garments can be brought back to life for clients to cherish, for years to come. In this way, Tab Vintage is a highly designed ecosystem, exclusively focusing on the sustainable wearability that caters to every client’s unique preference.