■ About Tab Vintage

Welcome to Tab Vintage, where the past touches the present with a curated, consistently cool, and unique collection of vintage pieces set apart by their quality, freshness, and focus on pure beauty. Established in 2019 by founder Alexis Novak, Tab Vintage is not just a destination for rare designer vintage clothing – it's a celebration of timeless style, sustainable fashion, and the stories woven into each archival piece.

Our Ethos:

At the heart of Tab Vintage lies a profound commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. We understand that every garment contributes a narrative, and we believe in giving these stories a second life. Our ethos extends beyond the inherent eco-consciousness of circular shopping; we are devoted to the meticulous restoration and preservation of each piece.

Discovering the Curation:

Tab Vintage is a culmination of global connectedness through fashion. Each piece is hand-selected and discovered with an artisanal touch. Novak, fueled by a her deep adoration for vintage fashion, works alongside a team of skilled tailors, couture cleaners, and expert appraisers. Together, they meticulously restore, inspect, repair, and deep clean each garment, breathing new life into a treasure that may have otherwise been forgotten.

Fashion with a Conscience:

The consistently curated collection is a testament to the enduring beauty of vintage. Every piece housed at Tab Vintage is selected for its quality, contemporary relevance, and the story it carries. We pride ourselves on offering not just clothing but a journey through eras, designers, and styles that transcend time.

Sustainable Wearability:

Tab Vintage is more than a brand; it's a highly designed ecosystem committed to sustainable wearability. We believe that by restoring and cherishing these garments, we contribute to a fashion landscape that goes beyond the fleeting trends of fast fashion. Each piece expresses a truth of enduring craftsmanship and provides clients with a chic and sustainable wardrobe.

Join the Tab Vintage Community:

As you explore the curated collection, we invite you to become part of the Tab Vintage community. It's a space where the love for vintage fashion and sustainability converges. Follow our journey on social media, share your stories, and celebrate the beauty of fashion with a conscience.