Frequently Asked

1. What is the Tab Vintage Archive?

The Tab Vintage Archive is a curated collection of rare, designer vintage pieces available to stylists for red carpets, noteworthy events, and editorial pulls. Tab Vintage Archive grants exclusive access to rare pieces not available anywhere else. For this reason, admission to the Archive is selective. 

No. The Tab Vintage Archive is available to select stylists for special placements. To request access, please [create a profile]. Once created, and approved, stylists may [submit a request] for the pieces they’d like to pull.

Once admitted to the Archive, continued access is contingent on adherence to our guidelines. Late returns, failure to pay invoices on time, and a history of damages may affect our decision to continue to allow a stylist to pull from us again in the future. We value our clients and our important and special pieces, and expect the same respect in return.

Submit a [pull request] with the following form fields:  placement, artist, client, pull date, and return date.. The stylist will be prompted to select pieces for approval from the Archive. We allow up to 10-pieces to be pulled per client fitting. Our team will respond within 24 hours. Once approved, pulls will be prepared for pick-up during business hours Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM.

*Sets qualify as one piece. 

A one-time flat $350 Archive pull fee allows a stylist to select up to 10-pieces for a fitting. The Archive pull fee must be paid prior to call-in. We allow one-pull fee per client to fit for multiple events. If a stylist is working with multiple clients, they will need to create unique pull requests for each client. 

We allow stylists to keep the pieces (once edits are sent back) for 7 days. We allow a 48-hour fitting window from the date of pickup to return the edits. Stylists are required to return the edits not being worn by the client before the end of the 48-hour fitting window. Once selections are made, we apply an additional 10% Cleaning and Restock fee to the selects. This fee covers the entirety of the loan period. 

No. Neither tailoring nor dry cleaning is permitted. Temporary tailoring – hemming, pinning, basting, etc. –   are also strictly prohibited. We ask that stylists only use tailored clips for fittings, no safety pins. We offer tailor clips to use for fittings upon request. If the piece is returned with pinholes or any evidence of safety, the stylist will be responsible for the full cost of replacing the garment. 

No. The Cleaning and Restock fee covers specialty dry cleaning and light repairs as needed (i.e. loose seams, hem issues, etc). 

Yes. Stylists will be charged a $45-per day late fee until pieces are returned. 

We understand that delays can happen. If a delay occurs, stylists are encouraged to communicate the delay and reasoning with the Tab Vintage team; we may accommodate based on case. 

Please notify the Tab Vintage team immediately of any damage and we will advise accordingly. We partner with the best tailors and dry cleaners in Los Angeles. If the damage is repairable, the stylist is responsible to pay the cost of the repair. If the damage is beyond repair, the stylist will be responsible for purchasing the piece. 

*We do not allow third-party tailors to work on our pieces. Please do not commission a third-party tailor. Stylists will be responsible for purchasing the item if indications of outside tailoring are found. 

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday 

All the pieces included in our Archive are available for purchase. Both the loan price and the purchase price are listed for each item. If a client decides to purchase a piece, the $350-Archive Pull Fee will be applied towards the balance of the piece. 

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Pieces can be pulled for editorial placements, as long as editorial credit of @TabVintage is given when the piece is being displayed. Please contact studio@tabvintage.com for inquiries regarding special editorial placements.  

We add fresh inventory every Monday. To never miss a drop, we encourage stylists to refresh the archive weekly.

We are always looking for vintage, designer pieces. We purchase all pieces outright and do not offer consignment. 

To submit a piece for review, send photos of the garment’s entire silhouette, as well as inner seams, fabric tag, brand tag, and hem. We also welcome additional information such as the year, era, and designer. All item(s) we purchase must be in very good to excellent condition. 

Please send all details above to studio@tabvintage.com. A team member will respond within 3-4 business days. 

Archival Vintage is a collection of highly coveted pieces, mostly seen on the runway 20 years or older.